Virtual informal meeting on EU accession to the Convention

On 22 June 2020, the ad hoc group of the Steering Committee on Human Rights of the Council of Europe in charge of negotiating EU accession to the European Convention on Human Rights (“the 47+1 Group”) held an informal virtual meeting. It was organised and chaired by Ms Tonje Meinich (Norway), Chair of the “47+1 Group”. Mr Christos Giakoumopoulos (Director General Human Rights and Rule of Law) and Ambassador Meglena Kuneva (Head of the European Union Delegation to the Council of Europe) made opening addresses at the meeting. The Group also heard a presentation by the European Commission of its position paper on EU accession to the Convention, and held a general round of statements, comments and questions by delegations.

Negotiations will formally continue with the 6th negotiation meeting of the “47+1 Group”, scheduled to take place from 29 September to 2 October 2020 in Strasbourg.

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